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What's Grandma's Virginity?Edit

It's a comedy podcast that was created by Justin Roiland, who co-hosts it with Ryan Ridley and Jackie Buscarino. The three cover a wide range of seemingly random topics like "What would happen if you took a Nintendo 3DS back to Biblical days?", "Why would Jackie think it's okay to steal from thrift stores?" or "What would Justin do if surface of the Earth became unlivable?". There are also recurring segments (such as Pigs are People!, DJ Talk-Ups-Make-'Em-Ups and Listener E-mail), recurring characters (like Mister Scoops and Toppy the Topic) and some semi-notable guests (such as Dan Harmon, Abed Gheith and Derek Waters). The show's announcer is Smith Harrison.

Why don't you go check out their official website, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube videos, if you haven't already?

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